Do I Really Have To?

Short and simple so I don’t put a hole in my computer out of frustration.

Belichick out thought himself. No sane human being would think Tannehill would throw a 70 yard bomb to the end-zone on a bad ankle. But Belichick put in the Hail Mary safety (Gronk, who took a beating this game) instead of using his best tackler (Devin McCourty). He also benched one of his better pass rushers, specially this game (Hightower). No blame on Gronk, it is ALL on Belichick.

McDaniels is still terrible at his job. The struggles in the red-zone are ridiculous.

Brady had a great game, the offensive line fell apart in the second half. Yes Brady did screw up the end of the first half but they should have scored a few plays ago (see McDaniels’s red-zone struggles) .

I supported and defend this defense all season and they gave me a big old screw you and played their worst game this season. Albeit Miami is a fast an athletic team but not being able to stop 50 year old frank Gore and a special teams player whose classified as a running back for roster placement reasons in Brandon Bolden is the epitome of pathetic.

At least Pittsburgh and Houston lost. Pittsburgh is beat up, so we need to go in with an edge and destroy them to prove that we are a competent team on the road with hopes to lock up a first round bye.

Author: Joseph_Quatromoni

Just a college student with a passion for the 2018 world champion Boston Red Sox, the C's and the Pats

One thought on “Do I Really Have To?”

  1. That was a stunning ending to say the least. Missed field goal had a role in our loss. We have such a hard time winning in Miami! Let’s hope we play better against Pittsburgh.


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