It’s Time for the Most Super of the Bowls.



The NFL and controversy go together as well as the Patriots and winning, it happens all the time and everybody is sick of it (except for Patriots fans of course, in respect to the winning part). Yes, you can argue the Saints could have done more to win the NFC championship game and it would be a very sound argument but to say that the no-call isn’t a big reason why the Saints lost is ridiculous. Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman could have been flagged for defensive pass interference, unnecessary roughness maybe even not knowing how to play football. He was quoted saying Tom Brady isn’t as good as people say but tried to deny a direct quote from himself the next day. The same Robey-Coleman that should be used to be getting dominated/embarrassed by Brady from his time with the Bills, he better watch out Sunday.


Tom Brady proved he still owns the AFC in a great win against the Chiefs in Kansas City. That punt didn’t touch Edelman, anyone with eyes could see that, the Chiefs had to hold the Patriots receivers or commit pass interference that consistently wasn’t called. The refs were squarely in the Chiefs corner. Yes, the roughing the passer on Brady was bogus but Edelman got held, interfered with that same play, moot point. National media trying fault Brady because the Chiefs defense couldn’t line up on-sides is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and Brady haters say a lot of stupid stuff.

But alas, the Super Bowl is almost upon us. The young, high flying Rams, lead by young coaching superstar Sean McVay go up against the veteran Patriots and Bill Belichick. Fun facts, Brady is 8 years older than McVay, McVay played against Edelman in college and McVay was 1 year old when Belichick won his first Super Bowl as the Giants defensive coordinator. Did I hammer home to age disparity like the national media has?


The Rams offense has been led by recent breakout CJ Anderson, who’s been playing better than and more than Todd Gurley II. Jared Goff, Brandin Cooks and the passing attack has been playing well as well. The Patriots defense played well last week despite the 31-point second half the Chiefs had. They’ve been playing some of their best football as of late. Kyle Van Noy and Trey Flowers had spectacular games leading the defensive line in generating pressure on Mahomes and forcing throw aways, bad throws or even sacks. The Patriots were able to contain Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce almost all game, despite Kelce getting away with pushing off or drawing questionable pass interference calls. I like how to Patriots defense matches up with the Rams with how well everyone has been playing recently but it won’t be easy.

Tom Brady is still Tom Brady and I think the Patriots will have opportunities to prosper. The offensive line has been stellar, not giving up a sack the last two games. They will have their hands full with should be defensive player of the year Aaron Donald and his interior mate, old rival Ndamukong Suh. Running the ball won’t be easy but Rob Gronkowski has been blocking well lately and the Patriots can have success trying to get Sony Michel, James White, and Rex Burkhead running lanes to the outside behind excellent lead blocker James Develin. Also, Cordarrelle Patterson could have success is running jet sweeps across the field like how the Chiefs used Tyreek Hill all season. While to Rams defense has a lot of big names, they can give up a lot of points. The Patriots will need a very well-constructed blocking scheme to win this game, and if anyone can construct that plan it would be Bill Belichick and offensive line guru Dante Scarnecchia.


The Rams have put together a spectacular season without a doubt, but I don’t think McVay and Wade Phillips will be able to fool Belichick and a Patriots team that seems determined to make up for last year’s embarrassing loss in the super bowl. Patriots will break out the duck boats.

Author: Joseph_Quatromoni

Just a college student with a passion for the 2018 world champion Boston Red Sox, the C's and the Pats

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